Day: February 16, 2013

MSP430: Hello World

When you want to learn a programming language the first step you do is writing the hello world application. It’s the same scenario in any other new technological application. It’s always better to have a simple approach to understand some of the basic features of the product.

Hello world application of the MSP430, just same as anygeneral microcontrollers is the blinking of a single LED. In the Launchpad we can see three LEDs and one is of course for power. Here we will try to blink the red LED connected to the pin indexed as P1.0.

These inbuilt LEDs are very important when it comes to debugging and hardware. In a microcontroller we execute codes. It’s in-fact the firmware. The easiest way to determine whether some portion of the system is working is powering up an LED. It is mentioned that the green LED is connected to the pin P1.6.

All these pin positions are available in the User Guide of the Launchpad and the User Guide is available freely in the TI web site.