Cheap logic analyzer review. Do they work?

Logic analyzer is a handy tool for hobbyists. There are numerous occasions we come across scenarios where we doubt whether the module that we connected is not working or our SPI/I2C signals are wrong. Then all we tell to ourselves is “eeeerrr I wish I had a logic analyzer”. I came across the same scenario several times, finally decided to buy a logic analyzer.

There are many EXPENSIVE logic analyzers available by many suppliers. I’m sure that they work flawlessly and they are really accurate. But I cannot afford them. So I went to E-Bay and typed “Logic Analyzer” and filtered “Lowest Price First”. I selected the product below. It is just 11$. There are few logic analyzers for 9$ also (Damn I didn’t see!!!) I did not think twice, I bought it and waited a few weeks. I was not sure whether it will work.



The Package