LM4F120 Hibernate

Stellaris launchpad Hibernation module.

Texas Instruments chips are renowned for their low power operations. In this example I will go through basics of the hibernate module available with Stellaris devices which enables the user to put the device i low power mode. This module becomes trivial in low power consumption demanding applications. They claim that the processor only  consumes around 6 micro amperes of current when it is configured to work in the hibernate module. Within this article I will refer to the datasheet of the device where applicable.


It is fairly easy to use the hibernation module in the Stellaris devices through their “Peripheral driver library”. Also the module is very well explained in the datasheet. So I recommend everyone to go through the datasheet and understand the behavior of the module prior to coding. At-least, that is my approach. The hibernate module related information can be found in Chapter 7.