Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer on Stellaris LM4F120

It has been a while since I added something to the blog. These days I am working on a cheap wireless module, but it is giving me a lot of trouble due to duty cycle imperfections. Therefore I needed a logic analyzer to check the logic levels being transmitted and received.

I came across a few very useful websites which directed me to the product SLLogicLogger. You can find the product details here.

Make sure you adhere to all the guidelines given there, specially about the RB0 and RB1 pins which are not 5V tolerant.

One of the major issues of this project is that it is infact not a Logic Analyzer but a Logic Logger which can only scan the channels for a period of around 1.5ms. Which is very small period. So if the data rates that we use are really high we can get a good output. Lets say that our synchronization method is sending a stream of ‘1’s and ‘0’s with 1ms period, then this Logic Logger would not be able to assist us much.┬áBut for higher speeds this is really effective.