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What is libusb?

Hello once again. It has been a while since I updated any thing on the blog. It was not because there is nothing for me to update on the blog, but because I have very less time to work on the blog articles lately. This post, as the topic implies, will consider about one of the trivial technique that Embedded programmers should understand nowadays. That is how to connect the device using USB.

Even though there are millions of standalone embedded devices, there are tens of millions of embedded devices which eventually will come across a state where it should be connected with a PC. There are various ways to perform this, for example using WiFi, Bluetooth, Serial, Parellel, etc.. But among all these technologies most popular and most effective communication method would be through USB. Nowadays there are plethora of devices which implement USB communication.

In order to understand USB, I recommend reading following two websites,



With that introduction let me move into the area of interest, LibUSB.